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About Us

What is playdar.co.uk?

We are the thief in the night, the echo on the wind, the itch in your butt. This is the upsetting rambling of two young men about videogames. Please don't be alarmed. Let us pour our brain thoughts into you. Our philosophy is to only write about things that interest or enrage us, fighting always against a lifetime of accumulated apathy. Everything is about our own experiences and thought-feelings, or photoshops of Jeff Minter.

We're also the forgotten sister site of the wonderful TheShiznit, an enthusiastic little place that tries to cover developments in the seedy underworld of film. It is the toast in our toast sandwich.

And also also, the ... cousin? Uncle? Of LittleBigPicture, for all your televisual needs. All together we are ... no, no, it's best not to think about that. Some things are just too glorious to even imagine.