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Cheap and Used: Star Wars Bounty Hunter [Gamecube]

Cheap and Used: Star Wars Bounty Hunter [Gamecube]
Another elbow-deep delve into the sweaty, barren cleft of the bargain bin. How many fists could you fit in? What if there was a Star Wars game in your hands when you pulled out? Would that be more exciting? Or would you just feel soiled and guilty afterwards, like always?

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Posted by VideoPortal at 22:53 on 23/03/17
Let the hunt begin! You are Jango Fett, the most fearless bounty hunter in the galaxy, hired to capture a deranged Dark Jedi. Armed with an array of deadly weapons and skills, you'll face off against galactic scum from the darkest corners of the
Posted by Karenfit at 20:25 on 16/01/17
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Сервак приглянется тем кто приветствует размерянную игру с расчетом на абсолютное доминирование.
Скорее всего не подойдет любителям набежать и всех нагнуть.
Пробегающим мимо любителям поскакать по серверам переоткрывашкам, ловить нечего, т.к. настоящие игроки их быстренько поставят на место :)

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Posted by Thomassloge at 22:49 on 08/01/17
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Сервак подойдет тем кто уважает неспешную игру с замыслом на постепенное завоевание.
Совершенно не подойдет сторонникам налететь и всех победить.
Проходящим мимо любителям побегать по серверам неделькам, ловить нечего, т.к. старики их быстро накажут :)
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Posted by Luke at 16:44 on 13/08/10
Hush now.

Where's the isketch review?
Posted by Chris at 15:55 on 09/08/10
Oh Luke what have you done.

Seriously though, setting aside my disappointment at it being a straight up shooter rather than anything more inventive (which the character deserves), it's still a terrible game.
Posted by Alex at 15:51 on 09/08/10
That's why we don't let you write things.
Posted by Dar at 15:47 on 09/08/10
Oh dear.
Posted by Luke at 15:33 on 09/08/10
I used to love this on the PS2!
Posted by Chris at 15:23 on 09/08/10
Haha, they do feature quite prominently.

Also, that sexy Vader...thing... is both creepy & hilarious.

Edited at 15:31 on 09/08/10
Posted by gerrid at 15:22 on 09/08/10
I think every enemy in this game was a H'nemthe.