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Power of the cloud: A warning from history

Power of the cloud: A warning from history
Could you have done it without the crowd. Er, cloud, I meant cloud. Friends? Mum? Dad? Feelings?
I don't know if you'd heard, but next gen, to which I have already guided you, is all about clouds. Clouds with power. Powds.

Apparently this newfound source of energy is going to make all your daft videogames even more amazing and fantastical, through magic. Not science, that has no place here. Nor does accurate use of technical terms.

So the future is bright, but what about the past? All those games you used to love, now hollow shells of potential without the cloud to power their wheels. What could have been?

Allow the ghost of gaming past to take you on a terrifying journey to see what some games would have looked like had they been supercharged with cloud power.
Heavy Rain

Max Payne

Mad World

Grand Theft Auto 4

Portal 2

Wii Sports

Battlefield 3

The Last Of Us

Tomb Raider

Thomas Was Alone


I for one welcome our new fluffy overlords.


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