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Videogame Reviews

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Review: Risk of Rain

Posted by Gerard at 15:21 on 25 Nov 2013
Risk of Rain
Ah, hm, hello from space. It is cold here and I have died many times, but something awful keeps drawing me back to life. Also there are lizard men and jellyfish and big robots! It's basically heaven. So pleased you could join me.

Review: Kentucky Route Zero - Act II

Posted by Chris at 15:42 on 11 Oct 2013
Kentucky Route Zero - Act II
Where the rubber meets the road.

Review: Little Big Adventure

Posted by Darren at 16:12 on 05 Oct 2013
Little Big Adventure
I've been playing Little Big Adventure recently. I bought it from gog.com, it's cheap, and you might be able to buy it too. It runs on PC and Mac (Dosbox emulated) so I wouldn't worry. But that's not the point.

Review: Kentucky Route Zero – Act I

Posted by Chris at 15:43 on 03 Oct 2013
Kentucky Route Zero – Act I
Hey, indie games right! Right.

Review: Bastion

Posted by Alex at 11:11 on 16 Sep 2011
I finished Bastion for the second time and felt a little something. It's not like envy, or even hungry. A little flutter, a little smile. Let's call it love.

Review: Monster Tale

Posted by Alex at 10:10 on 11 Aug 2011
Monster Tale
Here's a review of Monster Tale on the DS. Or the 3DS if you like ... you can pretend this is a 3DS game if that would make you feel better, just like all the other games you've bought to play on it. Monster Tale is a mini-Castlevania with some branching-path monster evolution thrown in there, what more could a man possibly desire?

Review: L.A. Noire, and the trouble with consequences

Posted by Gerard at 14:35 on 03 Jun 2011
L.A. Noire, and the trouble with consequences
Solve a crime, shoot a man, do a chase. It's L.A. in the 40s, you're a detective. Crouch over a naked body for an hour, who's to say it's not police work? I'm a cop you idiot! Hey what size are your feet?

Review: Dragon Age 2

Posted by Gerard at 13:30 on 31 Mar 2011
Dragon Age 2
I know sales of Dragon Age 2 have been ailing because you're all waiting for this review before you make your decisions. That's a long sentence! No more of those inside - it's just pictures of me making faces at the case.

Review: Alan Wake

Posted by Alex at 00:28 on 12 Mar 2011
Alan Wake
Alan Wake is my abusive husband. Our marriage started out well and I was really enjoying myself when horrible things started happening - terrible, tedious, painful things, and I wanted to escape. But every time I'd packed my bags and was about to move away he'd lure me back in with grand gestures and shiny things. Even when I was finally finished with it all he sent me flowers and left me thinking that maybe I could go back ... maybe this time it will be different. Maybe he's changed.

Review: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Posted by Guest at 15:10 on 25 Jan 2011
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
There was some sort of misunderstanding when we invited Darren in to clean our desks and fetch us gin at lunch. Instead of doing any of that, he wrote about a game instead. Some people. Still waiting on that gin, buddy ...