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Great Scott! First images of 'Back to the Future'

Great Scott! First images of 'Back to the Future'
It's been a long time coming, but finally we've got our first glimpse at the upcoming Back to the Future from Telltale Games.

And it looks...good! Fun at least. Due out in December as a downloadable title for PC and Mac, followed later by PS3 and iPad versions (Mac gets it but no love for the 360 WTF?), we join Marty and Doc three months after the events of the final film as they try to put right what once went wrong. Wait, that's something else. Anyway, we nabbed this picture from IGN and you can go here for more if you want. We're not total sponges.

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Bonus Round! Christopher Lloyd returns as the voice of Doc. Brown but Michael J. Fox wasn't available, so a voice actor by the name of AJ LoCascio was used instead. If that immediately makes you balk at the thought of somebody else playing Marty McFly, do yourself a favour and skip to 53 seconds in the following video:


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Posted by Kirsty at 01:45 on 04/12/10
That mimicry is outstanding. That will do for the game, yes indeed.

"What the hell is a gigawatt?!"

Glad Christopher Lloyd does Doc - even if he himself probably doesn't sound like old Doc anymore if you know what I mean.

Sucks donkeys that it's not on Xbox, but I'll get the PC version fo' shizzle.