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Hello friend. You found the secret volcano lair. Most everything you'll read on the site is the product of these two individuals:

Alex, chief of vats, funnels and silage - Words and games, games and words ... every day since he was an idiot child. Now an idiot man, frequently overcome with emotion when exposed to androids, sloths or cool people in a video game he would like to hang out with maybe. Writes too much not often enough but knows you will forgive him.

Twitter: @linedrag

Gerard, Junior Vice President in charge of lunch - Has written this in the third person, so please excuse the awkward constructs that are necessary. In charge of lunch, and pictures relating to lunch. Also handy with tips about what games will be good, what games will be the other thing, and something else. Mostly interested in anything that offers the option to sit.

Twitter: @legerrid