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Lookback: Left 4 Dead

Posted by Gerard at 14:08 on 11 Jan 2012
Lookback: Left 4 Dead
Put on your time-reversal hat and take a trip with me through the temporal mists, back to an age where the Source engine was king, when Walter Cronkite and Michael Jackson were still alive, before Iceland's banks collapsed or Greenlandic became a language. It's 2008, little boy.

Subject Line: Portal 2

Posted by Alex at 16:30 on 29 May 2011
Subject Line: Portal 2
So here's a new feature where we have a little email talk and say some things about a thing. The first thing is Portal 2. Basically we're too busy being too lazy, crying into our soup and daydreaming about Lena to write a proper review. Cut and paste all up in here.