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Location: Wales
Currently Playing: Grandpaís Getting Old
Can't Wait To Play: Itís A Wonderful Grandpa
Member Since: 07 Apr 2010

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Robot Jimmy plays Lethal Weapon
All hail Jimmy our new leader Read More

Subject Line - GameCube's 10th anniversary
Imagine if this had been a podcast. JUST IMAGINE Read More

Goodbye - Deus Ex Human Revolution
How can that be the best moment when the best moment is actually walking into a police station and shooting everyone for absolutely no reason the human mind can fathom. Read More

Games Planner - Autumn
You missed off the most important one - Need for: Speed: The! Run. This calender is useless to me. Read More

Dreamcast Collection coming to 360, PC
I can't believe you woke me up for this Read More

Driver: San Francisco announced, pictures and video inside
Man it's the fifth game of course what is WRONG with you Read More

Don't worry if Mario Galaxy 2 is too difficult for you
chipp has destroyed comedy Read More

Silent Hill 2 Writethrough, part zero
you sir are a mouthful Read More

Next Wii Zelda will be easier, "less complicated"
Yer, Majora's Mask was an incredible, incredible game. In fact I'd say it's my favourite game ever. It really did have so much charm and character, it was quite ridiculous. The task of col... Read More

BFBC2 gets 'Onslaught' and a patch
to the lighthouse! Read More