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Hello - Darksiders 2 Collector's Edition
a glorious resurrection Read More

Subject Line - GameCube's 10th anniversary
They always are, why do you keep saying to do them? You're the worst. Read More

Goodbye - Skyward Sword
You've made me want it just from the description of jumping off the edge and calling the bird in and the music coming in ... aww that sounds just perfect, perfect for me. Also robots. Actually ... Read More

ChatChat and the power of cat naps
huh, i didn't actually know that flow was online. can you do /nap though that's the question. i forgot to do screencaps i was too focussed on being a cat :[ Read More

Subject Line: Skyrim
We should have put each reply on its own page, that's how all the best websites do it. Every time you go to the next page there's an unskippable video advert. This is awful I agree, what a... Read More

Modern Warfare 3 First Impressions
what's going on Read More

Battlefield 3 Beta First Impressions
didn't even wait until you'd played with your buddies you're a renegade, man, you'll get us all killed with that attitude Read More

Cables, cables and the things you can do with cables
yes, we already have one - the one from that episode of round the twist with the lemon tree. Read More

Cables, cables and the things you can do with cables
i thought we banned that fox - no foxes allowed in here sir Read More

Games Planner - Autumn
Actually they're termites. I keep them in my socks. Read More