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Location: Home
Favourite Games: The Wicker Man
Currently Playing: My neighbour
Can't Wait To Play: Again
Member Since: 08 Apr 2010

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Robot Jimmy plays Lethal Weapon
I want more ROBOT JIMMY Read More

Weekly Game Release Roundup
On the contrary. I think you should do this EVERY WEEK. Read More

Call of Duty: Black Ops (single-player, spoiler-free)
Played the single player for about an hour or so, probably about 10 minutes of actual gameplay in there which consisted of 'run from A to B while shooting X' with almost no deviation. I was qu... Read More

I, Player (October 2010)
But do we want to talk about what happened later on in the evening? Where was your precious killcount then, huh? Read More

Kinect Game Boat accessory gives you that sinking feeling
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Alan Wake signs off on October 12th with 'The Writer' DLC
So this is like Mavis Beacon's Touch Typing, yes? Is Alan Wake actually a clever anagram for a big plot spoiler then? Because I don't believe any game studio would purposely name their new ... Read More

Panasonic's 'Jungle' invites open derision, we RSVP to the face
So is the Phantom out yet? Read More

Halo: Reach Legendary Edition Unboxing
Oh god I'm so glad that wasn't real. I was ready to disassociate myself from both this site and you. Read More

New Xbox 360 controller with updated D-Pad announced
Hinges: the future. My life is now complete. Still not a patch on the Atari Jaguar controller. Read More

A love letter: Super Mario World
It's no Dynamite Headdy. Read More